The work of Medical Research Scotland is administered on a day-to-day basis by Turcan Connell, the Trust Secretaries, with the support of a number of specialist professional advisers and its Scientific Adviser, who helps to ensure the scientific rigour of the peer review process for grant applications.


The Trust has one main committee, comprising all the Members (Trustees), which normally meets twice yearly, to receive reports and to discuss and reach decisions on funding applications received. It also has two sub-committees.

The Audit & Investment Sub-committee normally meets twice a year and its membership is currently as follows:

  • Mr Barry Rose (Chairman)
  • Professor John R. Brown
  • Mr Alasdair G.K. Gill
  • Mr Graham Paterson

The Scientific Sub-Committee meets on an ad hoc basis, as requested by the Board of Trustees, and its membership is variable.

A Fundraising & Marketing sub-committee has been created from time to time in recent years, on an ad hoc basis, when the Members have felt it appropriate to do so.

Standing Orders & Procedures

In accordance with Schedule 7 Paragraph 3F of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978 as amended, the Members of Medical Research Scotland have agreed Standing Orders for the regulation of the charity and which are reviewed at least annually to ensure that they continue to reflect good practice and any changes in operation. The Members have also agreed a set of Procedures, to supplement the Standing Orders, to be followed in the conduct of all aspects of business, including with respect to declarations of possible conflicts of interest in applications submitted for funding. These are also reviewed at least annually. Copies of both documents are available to view online or download as pdf, by using the appropriate links (above right).