Making Funding Applications

Medical Research Scotland Sponsored Daphne Jackson Fellowships - Call closed

The latest call for applications is now closed. Applicants should contact the Daphne Jackson Trust regarding progress of their application.

Up to three of these unique awards are offered by Medical Research Scotland annually.

To be eligible for consideration, intending applicants should at least meet the following criteria:

  • A career break of at least two years' duration taken for family, caring or health reasons
  • A good first degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM)
  • At least 3 years in research prior to career break and/or PhD qualification
  • Resident in the UK with the right to remain in the UK indefinitely
  • Good command of English (spoken and written)
  • Computer skills

The fellow will be paid on the University pay scale between spinal point 29 and spinal point 34. Exact salary will depend on the host institution and the candidate’s experience.

To be considered, please complete the CV and personal details information forms available on the Daphne Jackson Trust website. Please outline your area of research interest and, if you have identified a department within which you would like to work, include the name and contact details of a potential supervisor in that department.
Please email your submission to the Daphne Jackson Trust office and NOT to Medical Research Scotland. You should state clearly that it is a Medical Research Scotland Sponsored Fellowship Application.

[For full details about the Daphne Jackson Trust, these fellowships, the guidance available and all the processes involved, please see its website, or telephone 01483 689166.].

PhD Studentships 2018 - Call closed

Application for PhD Studentship Awards tenable for four years from September 2019, are now closed. It is anticipated that successful applicants will be notified of the outcome, following peer review & discussion by the Trustees, in November 2018.

Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships 2018 - Call closed

Applications have now closed for Undergraduate Vacation Scholarship Awards, tenable during the summer vacation 2018.

Following peer review & discussion by the Trustees, applicants were notified in May of the outcome of the 2018 Vacation Scholarship call and we hope the successful students have a productive time carrying out their projects.

Application Process

With the exception of applications for the Medical Research Scotland Daphne Jackson Fellowships (which must be made directly to the Daphne Jackson Trust and not to Medical Research Scotland, see above), all funding applications to Medical Research Scotland must be submitted initially by email and then followed up with one printed, signed hard copy sent by post to the Trust Secretaries.

All the documents necessary to apply for an Undergraduate Vacation Research Scholarship or a PhD Studentship are available for download, by selecting the appropriate links in the panel on the right-hand side, as far ahead of the closing date as feasible. (When valid current application forms are not available, sample versions may be, for the benefit of those considering making an application later.)

The Guidance Notes for each type of award provide more detailed information on submission of applications, but in summary, completed applications should be:

  1. completed IN FULL; applications with incomplete forms may not be accepted for consideration
  2. checked to ensure that they do not exceed any specified maximum file size;
  3. saved as MS Word documents and printed, to enable later incorporation of all the original signatures required;
  4. sent by email to: to arrive before the specified closing date/time;
  5. printed and a single hard copy, incorporating all the original signatures required (electronic signatures are not acceptable), sent with a covering letter, by signed-for courier, Registered or Guaranteed Delivery mail, to: The Trust Administrator, Medical Research Scotland, Princes Exchange, 1 Earl Grey Street, Edinburgh EH3 9EE.

NOTE: The hard copy of the signed application (and copies of any other required documents) should always be sent to arrive NO LATER THAN THE DATE INDICATED IN THE APPLICATION DOCUMENTS

Closing Dates

  • The closing date for applications for the 2018 Medical Research Scotland Sponsored Daphne Jackson Fellowship call is 12 noon, Monday 17 September 2018.
  • The call for applications for the 2018 PhD Studentship call is now closed. Applications for the next call will open in spring 2019.
  • The call for applications for the 2018 Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships is now closed. Applications for the next call will open in autumn 2018.

Rigorous review and selection processes

Medical Research Scotland has always sought to ensure that the individuals and the research it supports are of the most promising and highest quality. Applications for funding are, therefore, subject to rigorous peer review processes involving UK and international experts, as applicable, prior to independent internal scientific review and then discussion at a Trust meeting. The number of awards made in any category is at the discretion of the Trustees, in light of the outcome of all the review processes and mindful of available funds.

PhD Studentships: Funding decisions for these awards are reached following a two-stage process. Applications, detailing a defined research project, are first subject to independent review by the members of an expert peer review panel which incorporates at least one scientific/medical Trustee of Medical Research Scotland. The reports of these individuals are then considered by the panel members in committee and recommendations for funding support made to all the Trustees, who take the final decision. Thereafter, those awarded funding select suitably highly-motivated and qualified students following open advertisement and then interview by a group comprising representatives of the academic institution, the company and Medical Research Scotland. Eligibility criteria for candidates applying for appointment to a Studentship will be tailored to the individual projects, but the Trustees of Medical Research Scotland expect students to have been awarded a minimum of an upper second class undergraduate honours degree in a relevant subject.

PhD Studentship Panel 2018

The names of the Members of the PhD Studentship Panel 2018 will be posted in due course

Daphne Jackson Fellowships: Details of the review and selection processes for these awards are available from the Daphne Jackson Trust website or office, by email:; by telephone: 01483 689166. Medical Research Scotland will be represented during the process and its Trustees will take the final decision as to the number of awards made.

Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships: Applications are reviewed separately and independently by the scientific & medical Trustees and external peer reviewers, with final funding decisions being taken by all the Trustees in committee.